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Chinese Milk Vetch

Chinese milk vetch originated from China is an important green manure and feed crops.It is commonly planted in the south of Jianghuai river basin,Anhui,Taiwan, Henan and Shanxi Province's south rice area. With the cultivated area in China of more than 94 thousand hectares in the 1970s.Among which Xinyang area is the original habitat and centralized producing area of Chinese milk vetch in Henan province. The Xinyang chinese milk vetch seed is the long-term cultural farm plant, which had history of more than one thousand years under the unique transition natural climatic conditions of northern subtropics. In the 1980s exported to Japan, in the 90s exported to South Korea.

Chinese milk vetch is a major green manure crops in rice-producing areas, is also the high quality leguminous forage, the nectar source plant and the decorative plant, the seed and the entire grass can be used as medicinal purposes, its function lies in increasing the biological organic fertilizer source,improving fertilization of soil, purifying environment, protecting the ecological environment, improving the utilization of fertilizers and promoting development of animal husbandry in agricultural zones. The Chinese milk vetch seed can be used as feed to feed pigs, is the excellent feed for cow, sheep, horse, rabbit , chicken and the goose. Its stems, leaves are tender and succulent, rich in nutrients, is the finest quality forage.





Moisture: 14%

Purity: 99.8%

Germination: 85%

Packing: 40kg/p.p bag

Country of Origin: China

Payment: L/C or T/T

Delivery Time: 7days