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Hairy Vetch Seeds

Hairy vetch (also be called as sand vetch, winter vetch, hairy-pod vetch)is a hardy, viny, annual or biennial legume. North of europe is the origin habitat of hairy vetch,it is mainly planted along the Yellow River, Huaihe River and Haihe River in China. Hairy vetch has a long cultivation history, and is cultivated widely in Henan, Anhui, Sichuan, Shanxi and Gansu province of China. Among which Xinyang area is the original habitat and centralized producing area of hairy vetch in Henan province. The Xinyang hairy vetch is the long-term cultural farm plant, which had history of more than one thousand years under the unique transition natural climatic conditions of northern subtropics. In the 1980s exported to Japan, in the 90s exported to South Korea.






Despite its name, stems and leaves have silver gray hair. Hairy vetch has a taproot that extends 1 to 3 feet deep. Groups of 10 to 40 small, long, blue flowers hang from one side of a long flower stem. Spherical seeds (approximately 28,000/lb) are smaller than common vetch seeds. They develop in small pods and usually are grayish or black.  Hairy vetch is used as a cover crop, green manure, pasture, and hay. It is capable of accumulating large amounts of dry matter and nitrogen. As a legume, it changes the nitrogen in the air into a form that can be taken up by the squash plants, a process known as nitrogen fixation. The vetch prevents erosion and keeps the ground cooler on hot summer days. One of the main leguminous crops. It is supplied for food purposes and as an ingredient for animal feed. For feeding it is used as herbage,hay,silage,grass meal and crushed seeds.